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Whilst English is the language spoken by the majority of Scottish, there are still many communities in the coastal West Highlands and islands of Hebrides, where more than 60% of the population speak Gaelic.

Pronunciation - Gaelic alphabet has only 18 letters, and the h is only used to alter the quality of the preceding consonant.
a = as in 'fat', ai = as in 'bait', aa = as in 'far', ay = as in 'may', e = as in 'met', ee = as in 'meet', i = as in 'bit', ie = as in 'line', o = as in 'hot', oh = as in 'hope', aw = as in 'dawn', oe = as in 'more', ow = as in 'down', u = as in 'put', uh = as in 'grunt', oo = as in 'poor', ew = as in 'fewer', y = initially or within a word  as in 'yield' / as final syllable - as in 'carry', ch = as in 'loch', gh = as in 'ugh!', ao = long i as in 'bin'

English   Gaelic   Pronunciation
Yes   Tha   Haa
No   Chan eil   Chan ail
Please   Le'r toil   Lair tol
I do not speak Gaelic   Chan eil Gaidhlig   Chan ail Gaal-ik ak-am
I do not understand   Chan eil mi tuigsinn   Chan ail mee tik-shin
Hello   Hullo   Huh-loh
Hi   Haoi   Hie
Good evening   Feasgar math   Fais-gar ma
Good morning   Madainn mhath   Mat-ing va
Good night   Oidhche mhath   lech-uh va
Goodbye   Beannachd leibh   Byan-achk leev
Excuse me   Mo leisgeul   Moh laish-gal
Thank you   Tapadh leibh   Tap - uh leev
You're welcome   Se ur beatha   She uhr be-huh
What is your name?   De ur n-ainm?   Jay uhr nen-uhm
My name is Emma Brown   Is m'ainm Emma Brown   Iss men-uhm Emma Brown
How are you?   Ciamar a tha sibh?   Cya-mar uh haa sheev?
I am very well thank you   Tha mi gle mhath, tapadh leibh   Haa mee glay va, tap-uh leev
I am from Scotland   Tha mi as Alba   Haa mee ass  Al-uh-ba
Where?   Caite?   Caa-juh
Who?   Co?   Coe
Why?   Carson?   Car-son
When?   Cuin?   Cun
What?   De?   Jay
How?   Ciamar?   Cya-mar
How much?   De tha e cosg?   Jay ha e cosg?
Where is the toilet?   Caite bheil na goireasan?   Caa-juh vail na guhr-as-uhn
What time is it?   De'n uair a tha e?   Jayn oo-ar uh ha e
It is ten o'clock   Tha e deich uairean   Haa e jaich oo-ar-uhn
One   Aon   aon
Two   Da   dha
Three   Tri   tree
Four   Ceithir   cyai-hir
Five   Coig   coh-ik
Six   Sia   shee-a
Seven   Seachd   shechk
Eight   Ochd   ochk
Nine   Naoi   nao
Ten   Deich   Jaich
Sunday   Didomhnaich   Jee-dawn-ich
Monday   Diluain   Jee-loo-en
Tuesday   Dimairt   Jee-maarsj
Wednesday   Diciadain   Jee-cyee-ad-in
Thursday   Diardaoin   Jee-ard-aon
Friday   Dihaoine   Jee-haon-yuh
Saturday   Disatharna   Jee-sa-har-nuh
Spring   An t-earrach   uhn jar-ach
Summer   An samhradh   uhn sow-rugh
Autumn   Am foghar uhm   foh-ar
Winter   An geamhradh   uhn gyow-rugh
January   Am Faoilleach   uhm Faol-yach
February   An Gearran   uhn Gyar-an
March   Am Mairt   uhm Maarsj
April   An Giblean   uhn Geep-lan
May   Am Maigh   uhm Maay-y
June   An t-Ogmhios   uhn Tawk-vees
July   An t-Iuchair   uhn Tyuch-er
August   An Linasdal   uhn Loon-as-dal
September   An t-Sultainn   uhn Tul-tin
October   An Damhair   uhn Dav-ir
November   An t-Samhainn   uhn Tav-in
December   An Dubhlachd   uhn Dool-achk
Black   Dubh   du
Blue   Gorm   gor-am
Brown   Donn   down
Purple   Purpaidh   pur-py
Red   Dearg   jer-ak
Green   Uaine   oo-an-yuh
Orange   Orains   or-inj
White   Geal   gyal
Pink   Pionc   pink
Yellow   Buidhe   buy-uh

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